Health Care: 30 Days of Gratitude, Day 18

Day 18: I am ever grateful for good health care.

physician care

Every day, great doctors treat many patients with care, concern, wisdom, and good judgment.

Today I am ever grateful for good health care, provided by doctors who care about their patients. I am also grateful for science, technology, research, and state of the art facilities that enable physicians to do their jobs with accuracy and confidence.

I used to be thankful for good health insurance, but the insurance industry has nearly ruined health care in the United States, and its costs have become exorbitant. I know our government is trying to initiate a sensible solution. I hold out hope in their efforts for the best result possible in the near future. We need to stop bickering and start working together. Our bodies are basically the same. No one wants to spend a fortune on adequate health care or medication.

Still, I am grateful to all the doctors who over the years have both generously and expertly treated my loved ones and me with kindness and good will. Our doctors have made us feel that they care about us as individuals and as a family; they have made us feel that our lives matter, that we are not just a number waiting to see them; our doctors have done everything they could to get us and keep us healthy; they have given us useful advice and listened carefully to our thoughts as well. I feel in debt to each and every one of them. In many ways, our doctors are heroes. Of course, one has to choose carefully. We have been lucky. We are also lucky in that we continue to receive outstanding medical care. I am grateful for the laughs and the smiles given by health care professionals and their staff, even during times of fear and worry.

I am grateful for the friendships formed with various health care professionals.

I love a good number of my doctors, who have become friends by helping me through the toughest health challenges of my lifetime. I also thank my mostly careful and compassionately comforting surgeons who have operated on me more times than I ever imagined would be my fate. My gratitude extends to the knowledgeable and helpful anesthesiologists, who always faced a challenge with me, who has a low tolerance for all narcotics and even prescription medicines. The good work of these physicians has me here today–alive, and doing something I always longed to have the time to do–to write to my heart’s content.

I am also grateful to every nurse and every attending assistant who has made and continues to make a welcomed difference to so many people suffering so many various ailments and conditions.

Let’s not forget the nurses and respiratory therapists, and even the social workers who stop in hospital rooms to offer cheer and support. These affiliates are also valuable when we accompany our sick and dying loved ones. In some cases, they do a better job than the doctors at offering us concern and kindness, simply because they have the time to offer the little extras like conversation, encouragement, and a helping hand.

To the research labs, to the hospitals, to the doctors’ offices and everyone connected,

I bow to you and say:


Brava! Bravo! Bravi!


Do you have a doctor you can thank today?


Fun fact: I was named after my mother’s doctor’s wife! Her doctor saved my mother’s life while she was enduring her third and finally c-section (when surgery was still rather primitive). She said in her gratitude she couldn’t exactly name me Ruben after the doctor (which coincidentally means “behold a son” in Hebrew), so she named me “Debra,” after his wife. Even though we weren’t Jewish!

‘Crazy story, if you ask me.


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