The Sunset: 30 Days of Gratitude, Day 11

Thanksgiving 2015

In Praise and Thanksgiving, 30 Days of Gratitude

Day 11: I am grateful for the beauty of a setting sun.


 I am grateful for my eyes that behold all the beautiful sunsets I have seen and shared.

The other day, while traveling in different directions, my husband captured this photograph of the setting sun. When he saw it, he immediately wanted to share the sunset with me. He knew I would want to see it, and that I would appreciate it as much as he did.  He was right.

On this day,

I am grateful for the sunset,

which is coming earlier these days, and faster, too.

Let’s not waste another sunset, if we can help it.

Please share with someone what you are grateful for today.


Postscript: My husband is a veteran of the US Navy. As today is Veteran’s Day, I am also ever grateful for him, and also grateful to him for his service to our military (although I would like all wars to end).


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In Praise and Thanksgiving 2015

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