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TBI Awareness: 30 Days of Gratitude, Day 10

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Day 10:  Today I am grateful for TBI Awareness.

In 2007 when I was hit in the head and face by a heavy, malfunctioning steel door traveling at great speed, very little information was known or shared about concussion, post-concussion syndrome and acquired traumatic brain injury. Thankfully, a good deal of progress has been made; yet, we still have a long way to go so that we can help patients, family members, employers, colleagues and even physicians control suffering, save lives, and improve treatment.

Even now, though I write to raise awareness, the audience beyond the afflicted is a small one. People naturally aren’t  interested in challenges they feel immune to…they do not imagine head trauma ever could or would happen to them, and who wants to think about unfortunate afflictions, anyway?

Today I am so grateful for awareness, for the surge of interest in concussion and even brain health. Even if no one else pays much attention, those of us who have survived are still trying to piece together what we experienced, what we continue to experience. The resources available to us help us forge forward in an otherwise isolated, sometimes dark and lonely sort of suffering.

Here is a video that tries to express what life after head trauma is like:


Traumatic Brain Injury comes in all forms. In the grand scheme of things, my injury was not as severe as many, yet still it was enough to change my life forever, if not end it.

Attached here is the story of a man who was not hit by a fast-traveling door as I was, but rather by a fast-traveling car. The difference in the tonnage of the vehicle and its impact is visible–but of course it is not a contest. Suffering, debilitation, fear and panic have no measure. Patrick’s story shows along with my own both the journey and the determination survivors fight with to return to their pre-injury status. It is hard work, and occasionally discouraging, as I am feeling a bit frustrated with my current plateau.

While you may find it within your means to contribute to Patrick and Anj’s Go Fund Me campaign, I hope that you will also find a moment to send out some good thoughts for my continued healing as well. Your support on any level is greatly needed, felt and appreciated.

With love and gratitude,

Thank you for reading Stumbler.



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