Write 31 Days Landing Page

This is the Write 31 Days landing page for the October 2015 writing challenge, wherein I shall attempt to write (and post to this blog) every day for 31 days.

I am taking this challenge to improve my daily writing habits, and to continue my cognitive rehabilitation from acquired traumatic brain injury, which adversely affected my writing skills.  Since my injury slowed cognitive processing, I have to labor harder than I once did at articulating my thoughts and ideas; I also make errors I rarely (or never) made before the injury.  I lost vocabulary I would like to rebuild.

In addition, cognitive processing, among other activities, caused me severe fatigue for a long while, but continually improves at last.  This work is my attempt to regain faster processing with decreasing fatigue. One thing that remained unchanged is my interest in writing about many subjects.  If you want to learn more about my recovery or challenges with closed head injury, you can click on the categories or posts listed here on my blog, Stumbler.  My website (firstlightofevening.com) is still under development.

The parameters of the Write 31 Days challenge suggest that we focus our writing around a theme.  As such, I have chosen to write about breaking free from fatigue.  Please understand that I do not believe we can will away serious health challenges.  I do believe, however, that we can incorporate effective coping mechanisms that will help us endure and even improve our maladies.  Even a terminal condition can be faced with strength and grace. We are alive, after all, until we die.  This challenge is in part about the choices I made when my choices were quite limited.

You are invited to follow the links posted below to access my daily posts, which will be linked as they are published. Whether you suffer from severe fatigue or not, you may find something of interest in each post. I welcome your feedback, readership, questions and comments.  You can email me at


More 31 Days posts from other participants can be accessed on most social media applications at


Thank you for reading Stumbler.

To read more on this challenge or to leave a comment, please see the introductory post:

                 Writing About Writing, September 30, 2015

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 October 3:      A Truth That’s Told with Good Intent

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 October 8:      U.K. Celebrates National Poetry Day

 October 9:      On Social Isolation and Brain Injury

October 10:     The Space that Keeps Us Honest and True: Last Night and This Morning

October 11:     The Old Man Who Cared

October 12:     Remembering John Denver

October 13:     On Going Off Facebook

October 14:     Cubs Win, Bernie Sanders and Anne Lamott

October 15:     Look, look, look!  A book!  A book!

October 16:     Just a Little Cake Talk

October 17:     I hear babies cry, I watch them grow…

October 18:     That Strange Flower, the Sun

October 19:     My Tired Heart, Filled with Song

October 20:     Each to Each

October 21:     Writing and Fatigue

October 22:     The Email War of Our Time

October 23:     My Writing Coach, My True

October 24:     Beyond Party Planning

October 25:     In Praise of Aging

October 26:     Living the Wrong Dream

October 27:     When Stress Amplifies Fatigue

October 28:     When Yesterday Ruins Today

October 29:     Learning to Lean On Yourself

October 30:     Trick-or-Treat: Happy Halloween 2015!

October 31:     Free From Fatigue: Breaking Free at Last