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 Hi, I’m Debra.

This is me, a few years back with my step-granddaughter. I chose this photograph partly because it represents that people are ageless inside.  Life’s journey is more pleasant when we remain open to new adventures, and when we carry along with our adult wisdom the wonder of a child.

I decided to take a year off work to read, write, and recuperate before returning to the real world of hurry, work, and exhaustion (a.k.a., always being behind in everything).   As part of my writing endeavor, I am developing a website, and I have created this blog to experience online documentation from the inside.  I enjoy reading others’ blogs, and hope to write a blog worth reading.

I’m calling this blog stumbler because this title seems to encapsulate both my personality and my focus. With any luck, the indirect reference to another popular site makes the title memorable.  The real significance of the word for me has to do with my recovery from acquired traumatic brain injury. During my recovery since 2007, I experienced a time when neurological impairment caused me literally to fall daily, and sometimes more than once–at times, every time I stood or walked.  As my brain worked to rewire itself, I took more than a few tumbles, and sometimes as a result, suffered additional injuries–even on occasion broken bones.

Hence, stumbler, as it embodies both the challenges and the frustrations of a person who continues to pick herself up and walk again.  The title stumbler also represents my passionate interest in the world of ideas, in a mind that is ever expanding–though for a time, abruptly held in neutral–and on the worst days, stuck in reverse or with a dead battery.  

While visiting this site, I hope you as well will enjoy stumbling upon some new thoughts and ideas.  Most importantly, I hope you will learn more about the significant, but not necessarily insuperable, challenges of brain injury.

A word about my writing.  Writing is really what this blog is all about.  During my recovery from brain injury, I experienced many changes and many challenges.  One notable change appeared in the mechanics of my writing–my sentence structure and spelling.  I was suddenly making errors I hadn’t even made as a student, and the embedding I’d grown adept at seemed to disappear.  It is my hope that in writing for an audience, I might regain some of the skills I seem to have lost. In this way, this blog is a record to show the evolving return–or twists and turns–that one might experience post-injury.  Plus, writing is great cognitive rehabilitation.  I have always enjoyed writing, and fortunately, while the head injury has somewhat changed my facility of writing, it has not changed my enjoyment of it.

Thanks for stumbling by.

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4 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hi Debra,
    I love your writing and enjoyed hearing about your life. I’m sorry to hear of your mother’s death but I know that she would be proud of you. Keep writing. I have a blog as well and it is very helpful to capture thoughts and ideas. Mine is more work oriented but frankly I try to make everything a bit personal. Stories about people and emotion are much more interesting. Thanks for sharing your life with us.

    • Thank you so much, Marcy, for your remarks. I am still struggling with the technical aspects of blogging, but learn something new every time I post. So, I guess it’s advancing my computer skills as well as giving me an opportunity to share some of my writing. I will look for your blog, and I hope you will return here soon.

  2. Deb, you already have me “hooked!” All I have read so far, are the paragraphs “about me” and viewing the darling photo of your step granddaughter! Your information and reasoning is excellent; making much sense to me!!

    • Thanks so much for stopping by to read, Carolyn. My injury was cognitive for a time, but ultimately a physical one, overall. I hope to write more about this, to help dispel some of the stereotypes that often surround brain injury.

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