The Great Halleluia: 30 Days of Gratitude, Day 30

Day 30:  I am grateful for endings.

I am grateful for endings. You know, the great “Halleluia!” that comes when something is accomplished, or work has been a labor in progress. Some endings are a golden relief. There is the ending of the school year, for example, or the ending of the work week…the ending of a healthy pregnancy and a successful labor. The ending of a root canal. The ending of a bad movie. The ending of a mortgage…generally rare, but always something to celebrate.

The ending of a good meal is followed by dessert. What we love about endings is what follows–or, if not what follows, then well, what ends: a vigorous exercise workout, an arduous hike, a long swim…the bibliography of a research paper, final exams, a trade-in of an old vehicle for a new. Not all endings are happy, but most are necessary.

When I taught, I told students that a paper is finished when the due date arrives; that writing can be only confined by its deadline. Otherwise, I explained, writing might continue indefinitely, at the very least in terms of polishing and editing. Few texts are perfect as is, but at some point the writer must release them, that point being when they are out of time. The deadline or due date always arrives, and usually sooner than the text is perfect. Writing doesn’t have to be perfect, but it should be nearly so–on its way to being perfect.

In some cases, however, the deadline can’t come soon enough; the writer is ready to stop writing–at least on that piece or project. I know this feeling well, and I am celebrating it today…

As today is Day 30, this is the last post of a series that I have written focusing on the topic of gratitude for November 2015. These thirty days of blogging gratitudes have been very interesting, but they also turned out to be a much bigger commitment than I envisioned. The writing was the most fun, but the formatting on wordpress is slow, and slower still depending on my location. When the internet wifi is plodding, I waste hours trying to reformat and polish, because the electronic changes all take anywhere from one to five minutes a piece. It was a major time suck. But I got to share with many new readers, and that really did make it worth the time.

Once tomorrow hits and I no longer have a gratitude post to process, I imagine it will feel something like daylight savings time, where I gain not just one but several hours each day.

I am looking forward to that change.

I’m also looking forward to more sleep, since often I was up writing long past my husband had gone to bed. AND I get to start our Christmas…lots of fun plans already in the making for that for our family, which I may find time to blog about.

I hope you have enjoyed following these 30 days of gratitude. I am grateful every day, but I do not imagine I will be blogging another 30 Days of Gratitude next year. I am considering making this set into a book to give to one of my loved ones as a gift. It will be interesting to see how it turns out, if I do that.

I guess in some ways the true test of what a daily gratitude practice renders is about to be answered.

I am grateful to be writing, and I am grateful to be completing yet another writing project.

Happy Holidays, everyone!

Thanks for reading Stumbler.


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2 thoughts on “The Great Halleluia: 30 Days of Gratitude, Day 30

  1. Your Gratitude post were all so interesting and fun to read. I really enjoy how you write, sometimes amusing, sometimes emotional but always a great read. Sounds like a fun idea making a book of your challenge.

    • Thanks, Judy! I wanted to be a lot funnier, but I usually wrote at night when I was very tired. It’s been quite an experience writing daily for 60 days in a row. I think the upcoming break is going to be good for me, much as I truly enjoyed the writing…and my fatigue has REALLY improved. It’s amazing, really.

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