My Doggy Dog: 30 Days of Gratitude, Day 22

the first snowfall of 2015

the first snowfall of 2015

Day 22: I am grateful for my dog.

I rescued my dog from an animal shelter twelve years ago. He was very ill as a puppy, having been fed rat poison, and abandoned in a shopping mall parking lot. He was hemophiliac and needed much medical attention, including eye surgery for glaucoma, which left him one-eyed. When he was small, he was very afraid of traffic; you couldn’t bring him anywhere near a roadway. He overcame his fear in time, and now is very well adjusted and unafraid. He has such a serene nature, we often refer to him as our “Buddha dog.”

Most people love their dogs. Many would say that they have the best dog in the world. The truth is that I love my dog, and I really do have the best dog in the world.

Our dog doesn’t bark. He loves people and people love him. Of all the ways I have been lucky, I have been luckiest when it comes to rescuing the best dog. The shelter said he is a Swiss Bernese Mountain Mix, and that he was abandoned because he wasn’t a full breed. Although I do not know for certain, I think his mix is what makes him perfect. Some people say he looks like a Border Collie. We say, whatever he is, he is forever our sweet Romeo.

I love my dog, and I am so grateful for him every single day!


Hanging out, just enjoying the day with one of the neighborhood kids.


kids and dogs

Everyone loves to visit Romeo. He is popular.


Romeo on a walk...dogs and kids.

Taking Romeo on a walk means children running over, asking if they can pet him.



More children loving on Romeo.

dog, baby

Romeo is very gentle, and babies are completely safe petting him.


Romeo running into his friend Daisy on their walks.


Romeo lost an eye to glaucoma, just weeks after I rescued him. His eye swelled to the size of a softball, and had to be surgically removed.


I love to watch Romeo look and look and look. He does this for hours.


Romeo smiles all the time, even as he pants from a brisk autumn walk.


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6 thoughts on “My Doggy Dog: 30 Days of Gratitude, Day 22

  1. Aww! He is a sweet boy! He is also a handsome.little guy. I’d rather rescue animals than purchase one from a breeder. These little guys just need a little love, they are not broken. It makes me mad when I heard people say they are. I’m glad Romeo is thriving.

    • Thank you so much, Leslie! Romeo was right there with me throughout my convalescence, and made my worst days bearable just by being near me. He’s like a soul mate to me.

  2. Aww, thank you, Heidi. I sometimes like to joke that he is the best man I ever had. But that isn’t true, really, since I have my husband, who really is an extraordinarily good man. Romeo takes the compliment, though; it’s good for his self esteem. 😉

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