Kayaking, Sailing, etc: 30 Days of Gratitude, Day 20

kayaking Chicago, IL

Kayaking on the Chicago River, Chicago, IL, USA

Day 20: I am grateful for water sports.

I am grateful for all water sports, which bring so much fun and exercise.

Water sports such as kayaking and canoeing also give us time in nature, which is probably the biggest favorite of all. When a person who loves the outdoors becomes too ill to enjoy water activities, it is a difficult loss. Since I suffered trauma to the head, my reflexes are not as good and my muscles not nearly as strong as they once were. But nothing stops me from trying and desiring. Even in a city, we can kayak on guided tours through the expansive Chicago River, for example. In the featured photo, I am paddling my kayak six years post-concussion. Even after being injured and having so much time convalescing, my boating skills were better than a lot of the other kayakers, who kept ramming into my boat and others, unable to control their vessel. Kayaking is usually a more solo than group activity, but however one kayaks, it is always something to look forward to.

sailing Puerta Vallarta

Sailing on the Pacific Ocean near Puerta Vallarta, Mexico

I am grateful for sailing.

I am grateful for sailing…
for all the fair winds and good,
for how the boat moves
through the waves,
rocks those white caps:
the wind in my face
the sun, always warming, ever wonderful,
the fresh air that cleanses
the heart, the mind,
my soul.
Sometimes sailing is hard work, but always sailing is re-
invigorating. Ah, sailing,
you bring it all back,


The photo above was taken above a boat we chartered in Mexico long after I lost my bikini figure due to spending several years in bed convalescing from traumatic brain injury. Sailing always, however, reminds me of healthier days when I used to compete on a small monohull one design sailboat. So many memories have remained, despite the few I lost. I am so grateful for the active life I once had, and I long to be as active some day in the future. Writing is helping me to get there, I believe. One day I will be sailing again.


Which water sports have you enjoyed?


Below is a photo taken on our family vacation of family members white water rafting in Idaho Springs, CO.

Clear Creek in Idaho Springs, Colorado

Photo Credit: Clear Creek Rafting Company in Idaho Springs, Colorado.


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