Monopoly: 30 Days of Gratitude, Day 7

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Day 7: I am grateful for that ONE TIME I won at Monopoly!


I have always loved to play board games, but I have never played them very often. Except when I was about 9 years old, and I played 500 games in a row of Canasta with my best friend. While we were well matched, I could beat her nearly every time, certainly the majority of the games. She was just close enough in points that she kept trying, and I was just enough ahead in points that it wasn’t ever exactly a landslide.

Then, when I was about 12 years old, there was a word game called PROBE that I was very good at. No one beat me much at that game, either. There wasn’t a whole lot of strategy, you just had to be good at coming up with and guessing words.

As a really young kid, I liked to play Pick-up Sticks. I wouldn’t be any good at that game now, because I have had two shoulder surgeries, and I also have bad wrists mostly from all the falls I’ve taken.

When I got to college, it was Scrabble some, but mostly one Backgammon game after another. I was pretty unstoppable at Backgammon. I had strategies I’ve long since forgotten. It’s funny that despite the many many games I played, I doubt I could even remember how to play the game now. The years fill up, that is for sure.

Despite my early successes with Canasta, Probe, and Backgammon, this is not to say that I am good at all board games, because I’m not. My daughter, for example, is the Monopoly Queen in our house. She rarely ever loses a game, and has been that way since she was a kid. We all just came to accept the fact that if we were playing Monopoly, she would be winning.

However, FINALLY, just last spring, my husband and I played a game of Monopoly with my daughter and her boyfriend, both in their late 20s. The game went long into the night. My daughter’s boyfriend was killing us, but somehow got stuck in jail for a long time…and then something happened to my daughter’s typical fortune…and in a weak moment, she agreed to sell some properties. Before we knew it, I was in the lead! This was quite a first. Certainly, no one was more surprised than I was!

We were all laughing because I had so much property and SO much money that it took me all the way THROUGH my turn to organize and count it all. I couldn’t keep up, and I kept MISSING my turn! This didn’t stop me, though, as I still had all the good monopolies, and most of the money…did I mention utilities, too? It was crazy!

I can’t remember now what was so funny, but I remember we were all laughing so hard at my good fortune and all the funny things being said.

Games are the best when there are no sore losers and everyone can just enjoy being together. I’ve probably only won one game of Monopoly in my life(!), but it was one of the funnest nights ever, thanks to my husband, my daughter, and her boyfriend. They were all such good sports…maybe because it’s so unusual to see Mom win?

I think they were as happy for me as I always am for them when they win. It sure is fun to win once in a while. I’m glad I at least had one chance at it, anyway, that one memorable night!

Here are some fun facts about Monopoly.


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