Yard Work: 30 Days of Gratitude, Day 3

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30 Days of Gratitude

Day 3: I am grateful for yard work–

I am grateful for my little patch of land.

IMG_6984_Fotor land land


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In Praise and Thanksgiving 2015

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4 thoughts on “Yard Work: 30 Days of Gratitude, Day 3

  1. Your photography is beautiful & serene!
    This scene shows the wonder of a setting which is inviting. Our senses are consumed completely with nature shown. Our eyes view the richness & hues of the colors & textures. Our ears hear the chirping of the birds singing gorgeous songs, as they communicate joyfully with each other. Our nose smells the sweetness of the grass & the earthiness of the dirt. It is an environment which is pristine. We enjoy it & feel like we are there with our thoughts alone; enjoying the life & breath we are living. We share here with another or children, as we smile & have interaction with the personalities of those we love. Some of the most wonderful things in life can be the best; if we take the time to comprehend & relax in the splendor of it all. Enjoy; it is ours-only by us-appreciating & receiving! I am glad you are grateful for these blessings, as I know it is your delight! Have a great day! I am in complete agreement with your attitude of gratitude for these blessings! I am together with you, in reveling in all beauty; which God’s created nature reveals!

    • Ahh, the weather has changed to snow since I posted the photo above. I am grateful for all the seasons, though, so beautiful in each their own ways. I’ve been thinking of you, and wondering how you and your hubby and family (especially your brother) are doing. I hope you will have a blessed Thanksgiving. I miss you, dear friend!

  2. ahhhhhh beautiful yard, looks so peaceful and well cared for, you and I are truly blessed. Your photos are always so great and you are so knowledgeable with the technical part of everything. Your post are truly motivating me even though I am slow. I’m so grateful today that my daughter has such a wonderful doctor and my husband is such a helpmate as I make all the calls for her and my Dad he just left to grocery shop and banking:-)

    • Hi, Judy, those are all wonderful gratitudes for you. I know that you have so many rich blessings, despite some very heavy sorrows. I am glad you are my friend. This internet blogging thing is so time consuming, but amazingly good for my healing brain–I’ve gotten faster and more patient, more my old self through this tedious process of uploading and formatting text and photos.I hope your daughter and father continue to be blessed with strong health. Thinking of you…

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