Being Loved: 30 Days of Gratitude, Day 1

IMG_2361_Fotor 11 2015

Thank you to all who followed and commented or liked and shared my Write 31 Days posts last month. In appreciation, I’ve decided to share each day during this November something for which I am grateful.

I invite you to join along with me. You can either use my daily post as a prompt and record something similar along the same lines, or you can simply record each day anything that you are grateful for.

You can do this by keeping a list, writing one sentence in a journal, or by finding one photograph and placing it in a file (electronic or otherwise). Let’s see how this practice enriches the month of November.

Did you know that November has officially been proclaimed NATIONAL GRATITUDE MONTH throughout the U.S. and Canada? For further information, see this link. I have signed up for these daily emails and you can, too.

Here is my gratitude for today, the first of November 2015:

IMG_0256_Fotor na da

This photograph was taken on our most recent visit…this is our daughter-in-law (affectionately designated by me as Princess Mommy) and me.  You can read more about her HERE.


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 In Praise and Thanksgiving 2015

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4 thoughts on “Being Loved: 30 Days of Gratitude, Day 1

  1. Reading your post thru the month was a daily pleasure for me so I thank you! What a great idea your sharing about Gratitude for November. Such a beautiful photo of you and your daughter-in-law. After reading your post on how she was the jewel in your family who in her own way invited you to be a part of the family with such grace was so touching. I thought the granddaughters were your daughter’s because they look so much like you, must be your love rubbing off on them.

  2. I always love the mindset of being thankful, giving praise where praise is due, having an attitude of gratitude, & counting my blessings. These moments are positive & help me be in a good mood, adding to my happiness. Doing these things, when I am in a bad mood, also usually help me to get out of the bad mood. Your idea to write on this topic in the way you have explained is a delightful idea! I will be here, (God willing & my eye problem allowing me to do it-I am obeying the advice of my Ophthalmologist-as well as trying some experimental things, she has advised to also hopefully help. So far, so good; there is slow improvement for which I am very grateful & makes me hopeful! It is a huge help, we have a computer screen which is the largest we could purchase. I also change the print to 150-175% bigger print, when I am reading or writing on our personal regular computer. I like reading/responding to your blog very much & this is a priority for me, which is within the allotment of time I may spend on the computer. It is also a gauge to determine, if there is improvement with the experimental things I am doing, which the Ophthalmologist can only think of for me to try, another thing for which I have an attitude of gratitude!)

    I am so happy for you to have this healing in your family, which brings everyone more joy. How I wish this could happen in every troublesome family! We would have a much happier world of people! I compliment you in your effort in having this in your family; I know this makes a difference in a positive way for everyone. Thank you for sharing these ideas with us!

    • FR, I am glad you have solutions for your visual needs; thank you for being a Stumbler regular! I also agree that many families could experience the healing and joy that comes from making the conscious choice to behave respectfully and lovingly. It’s unfortunate that some people would rather choose to hold on to their anger, and stay estranged.

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