My Tired Heart, Filled with Song

Phew.  My father’s surprise party is now over, and as soon as I publish this blog post for the 19th day of this 31 Day Writing Challenge, I will be able to take a long-awaited sigh of relief before enjoying a nice, peaceful sleep.  The party was a huge success.  My daughter woke up early this morning in much better spirits than she (and I) retired in last evening.  She was helpful all day, and even took most of the photos at the party, which is usually something I do.

My dad did not have a clue until he was on his way to the restaurant, but even once he arrived he was surprised by all the people there.  Several people canceled last minute, but we still had a nice crowd of about 37, down from 45.  The balloon bouquets were beautiful, the food was excellent, most of the company cheerful, and the cake outstanding.

Believe it or not, the homemade carrot cake my husband and I made was even a bigger hit than the bakery cake, but there were certainly no complaints about it.

I welcomed everyone to the party, my husband said grace, and then the grandchildren and great grandchildren gave tributes that really touched my father’s and everyone else’s hearts.   I wasn’t up to giving the speech I had prepared, but instead told a few short stories about my dad and me…in particular, two stories from when I was under five years old that I still remember fondly.  Everyone seemed to enjoy my stories, and my great niece and great nephew kept coming up to me afterwards begging me to tell more stories from when I was a baby.

My dad asked for photos of himself with his brother and sister and several other people, and enjoyed visiting with everyone there.

It was a great night start to finish.  I feel like I ran a marathon, so I am going to turn in at last, with thanks to anyone reading this series of posts.  Many of the other 31 Day writers are complaining about how tired they are, and I have to say that tonight, it feels like just about everything has caught up with me.  I am so tired, I am not even going to proofread this, so please forgive the mistakes I make; I really need some rest!

As I say goodnight, I leave you with the song that most reminds me of my dad, who has a great singing voice.  In fact, I think he sings this song better than anyone I have ever heard sing it.  I was about this girl’s age (8) the first time I ever heard my father sing “Fly Me to the Moon.”

Goodnight!  And enjoy:


This is Day 19 in the 31 Day Writing Challenge, 31 Days of Breaking Free from Fatigue


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3 thoughts on “My Tired Heart, Filled with Song

  1. P. S. You didn’t give the speech you had prepared at your dad’s birthday party. Instead, you told short stories of you & your dad. You must be just as great of a story teller-as you as a writer-since “your great niece & great nephew kept coming up to you afterwards begging you to tell more stories!” This tells me, I am not the only one thinking you have “God given talent” in this area! You also now have me curious, about what were your stories? Maybe this could be some more “subject material” for your remaining 31 days of writing? (This is just my thought.)

    • Thank you, FR! We kept waking up during the night, talking about the party! We had so much fun. Perhaps I will write more about the party, soon as I get some time. I really appreciate your and your husband’s support. You are awesome!

  2. We are so pleased to hear your party was a success! Our prayers were answered, Praise God! We are positive your father won’t ever forget this wonderful 85th Birthday Celebration & neither will you! The song you included is such a sweet song; your father is a very special dad to sing this one to you! This was definitely the sign of a loving father!

    Sleep in tomorrow & take a nap besides; during the day if needed! You deserve it!

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