Artists of the Spirit

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Artists of the Spirit

We are all artists.  Some of us have different talents and interests, but we all have spirits.  It is so important to have an inner life, and with that to nurture our spirits.  One way to break free from chaos, pain, confusion, and certainly fatigue is to turn toward the spirit within yourself.

There is a saying that we are always the same age inside.  For me, I also feel that constancy in my spirit. In many ways I’m still that same child who sensed the first stirrings of a sacred presence beyond the self. Sundays are good days to ponder our spiritual journey, and to break free from old disappointments.  They are like days of cleansing and renewal, when all is washed away in celebration of the week that passed and in anticipation of the week ahead.

Consider the words of the wise don Miguel Ruiz, author of The Four Agreements, in the quotation above, and then the advice in the Four Agreements as posted below.

the four agreements

May you each enjoy your Sunday.

May you feel the freedom to express yourself in your own particular way.

May you express your love openly.

May your life be an artful masterpiece.


This is Day 4 in the 31 Day Writing Challenge, 31 Days of Breaking Free from Fatigue

Day 4, #write31days

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4 thoughts on “Artists of the Spirit

  1. Deb, I am enjoying your readings waiting for me when I get home from the hospital. I am so grateful we became friends over the topic of JOY. No matter what we face, we are still finding joy in each and every day and for that I am so thankful. Once I get rested up I will try to make more significant comments:-)

    • Thanks for stopping by, Judy. My thoughts are with you! I know you yourself must be exhausted. Take good care of yourself, as much as possible, during these stressful times. And yes, focus on what warms your heart <3

  2. I could not agree with you more! This is why I like to call Sunday, actually “Sonday” because it is a day which is all about a new beginning of the week. A day to start over with a new week and the beginning of a new week. We are given this, if we wish to take it, which I see as a blessing and a good thing! Enjoy your day everyone-in which you have each week-to have more of a day of rest, from all the other days of the week! “Variety is the spice of life;” so everyone needs one special day of rest, in a way different from the other days of the week, in which to “renew” yourself to hopefully be the person you want to be in doing your best in your life! : ) ! Thank you Deb for inspiring us!

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